The Grateful Fed tour? Eggs-actly!

The Grateful Fed on tour, and one of the worst selfies ever.

The Grateful Fed on tour, and one of the worst selfies ever.

Never under-estimate the power of food in building long-lasting friendships.

One of the former work colleagues I’ve stayed in touch with, over recent years, is Angelo Gentile. Angelo and I worked together in publishing Edible Twin Cities, a magazine that celebrated the local-food movement in the Twin Cities. Angelo was also the driving force behind “Edible Twin Cities: The Cookbook,” published in 2013.

It wasn’t a very profitable endeavor, and becoming knowledgeable about local and sustainable food required a steep learning curve, but it was loads of fun while it lasted.

Angelo and I have moved on to other fields of work and occupations, but food still ties us together. If you imagine every friendship having a foundation, and all the foundation building blocks joined by mortar, then I guess our “mortar” would be eggs, toast, and bacon.

And that’s because Angelo and I have formed the Grateful Fed Tour – yes, that’s Fed and not Head – and embarked on monthly excursions to breakfast spots across the Twin Cities. One at a time, we are visiting small hole-in-the-wall or off-the-beaten-path cafes for a monthly breakfast and genial debate and discourse.

Good food isn’t the point, although some of it’s been great. We’re not writing reviews, not starting a club, not spending much time plotting our next plan. No heavy lifting, you might say. And no companions; just us. It’s a bite to eat and a friendship renewed.

But somehow it seems solid to me. And just enough. (Although pairing up for an occasional Twins game might be alright, too.)

It’s very Midwestern of us not to tell each other we look forward to these meet-ups. I guess I’m saying it now.