Your Monday motivation: How to savor the here and now

Spending time outdoors as the fall colors peak: This is one way to live in the moment.

Spending time outdoors as the fall colors peak: This is one way to live in the moment.

Living in the moment is a challenge for those of us who are habitually looking ahead.

But occasionally you need to slow down your galloping mind, or as the latest issue of Real Simple magazine suggests, “Freeze time from time to time.”

The magazine recently asked a number of people from different walks of life about how to “Be Here Now.” The following is one of the bits of advice that is timely for us, as we witness the seasonal beauty of changing foliage. Advises Annie-Marie Vaduva, 36, a naturalist:

“Spend 30 minutes at the park or any outdoor space on a regular basis (every day or a few times a week) without listening to music or talking on the phone. Just sit there. At first you might struggle, because your brain is still busy with human problems: work, relationships, habits of the mind. Eventually nature will draw you out, and you’ll become part of the rhythm of your environment

“The better I know a place, the faster I can settle into that state of mind. My memories are triggered (Oh, I remember this spot. It’s where the squirrel got drunk eating a fermented orange and then confronted a hawk!), and I’m challenged to connect my past experiences to the present. After spending time in nature, I see the cycles of birth, death, and renewal happening daily, weekly, and seasonally. This routine helps me accept these cycles and find peace as they happen.”

As you go through the paces of your day, take a few minutes to just … relax, ponder, and express gratitude.

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